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We are a high profile lawfirm in Belgium which specialises in cross-border disputes.

"Ius est vigilantibus" Law is for the vigilant

Offices in Ghent and Antwerp

Cassier & Van Maldeghem is a nationally establised lawfirm in Belgium with offices in Ghent and Antwerp.

The lawfirm was founed in Ghent in 2012 with an office in Antwerp following in 2014. The team at Cassier & Van Maldeghem is supervised by the two senior partners with extensive experience in domestic and international law.

Cassier & Van Maldeghem lawfirm experienced demand for a wide range of services, creating today a firm that represents some of the top Belgian enterprises and individuals alike and has experienced a strong growth. Cassier & Van Maldeghem lawyers possess adequate resources to handle international disputes, and provide value added services to their clients.

We are proud of our record of experience in international litigation proceedings before the courts in Belgium.

Legal Services

We provide legal services in the following areas:

Agency and Distributorship
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate Practice
Business and Industry
Business Law
Business Litigation
Civil Litigation
Commercial Litigation
Construction Law
Corporate Litigation
Corporate Taxation
Financial Litigation
Landlord and Tenant Law
Product Liability Litigation
Property Law
Property Management
Real Estate

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Cassier &
Van Maldeghem
Lawfirm Belgium

Ghent office
Brugsevaart 31
9030 Gent

+32 (0)9 349 61 23

Antwerp office
Brusselstraat 51
2018 Antwerpen

+32 (0)3 244 18 34